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Working with different professionals is vital for business growth and management as a business owner. Accountants are one of the essential professionals that should not be disregarded.

By hiring a skilled accountant, you can benefit from a variety of valuable services such as tax planning and business advice. With their expertise, you can get professional help with tasks like bookkeeping, payroll, corporation tax, VAT returns, and other financial management needs.

At PBATS (Practical Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation Services), we recognise the advantages of having an experienced team of proficient and knowledgeable accountants to assist businesses and individuals.

Accountancy services and tax business advice in Chatham, Kent

Our team of accountants covering Chatham has years of experience and a wide range of qualifications, which enables us to serve clients from all backgrounds and industries.

These include

  • MAAT (Member of Association of Accounting Technicians)
  • AATQB (Association of Accounting Technicians Qualified Bookkeepers)
  • CIPP (Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals)


We offer tax and bookkeeping services for individuals, small businesses, sole traders, limited companies, and other members of our local community. Our expert team can provide you with all the services you would expect from specialists in these fields.

We can help you grow your personal wealth, minimise your corporate and personal tax burdens, and effectively manage your accounts.

Our company has been successful in assisting many local businesses with our expertise and friendly service. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you and your business grow, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation and receive a no-fee quote.

Here are just some of our accountancy services:

Statutory/annual accounts

The annual accounts of your business provide a summary of its financial performance and standing at the end of a year. They contain information about profits, losses, assets, and liabilities. HMRC uses this information to calculate your business’s corporation tax liability.

At PBATS, we can help you prepare and submit your annual financial statements. We’ll make sure that all the required information is included and that your statements are filed on time.

Managed payroll services

Making sure that your business pays its employees correctly and on time is very important. If you have many employees, this can be a difficult and lengthy process.

Our payroll management service takes care of everything related to employee payroll. This includes calculating salaries, deducting taxes, issuing payslips, and processing payments.

Management accounts

As a business owner, it is vital to have access to management accounts that provide accurate and up-to-date financial information about your business’s performance and status. This information allows you to make well-informed decisions regarding future pursuits. Regularly monitoring management accounts also helps you comprehend your business’s cash flow, which is essential for effective decision-making.

Our team provides monthly or quarterly management account preparation services tailored to your unique business needs. We work together with you to understand your requirements and customise our services accordingly.

We can provide assistance in analysing and using your management accounts to improve the financial performance of your business.

Bookkeeping services

We offer a comprehensive bookkeeping service that covers all financial record-keeping tasks. We can help you establish a simple and effective bookkeeping system and provide training for you or your team to use it. Alternatively, we can manage all aspects of bookkeeping for you, if you prefer.

We can generate financial reports for you on a regular basis using the information you submit. These reports will give you a comprehensive view of your business’s earnings, spending, assets, and debts.

Tax advice and planning.

Tax laws are constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up. PBATS can help you reduce the amount of taxes you owe by creating a solid tax plan.

We are able to offer guidance on various taxation issues such as corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and VAT.

Self-assessment tax returns

If you are a company director, self-employed individual, or business partner, you must file a self-assessment tax return annually. The process can be challenging, so it is essential to double-check everything for accuracy.

We will help you prepare and file your self-assessment tax return. Our services will include incorporating all crucial information and submitting the return before the deadline.

We can help you identify and apply for tax deductions and benefits that you are eligible for, which could lower your overall tax payment.

Do you need practical accounting services in Chatham?

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Additional Accounting Services

In addition to our core services, we also provide these other services:

Company Secretary

Directors of a limited company have to comply with legal and regulatory obligations that can be complicated and require a lot of time, particularly if they are not familiar with company law.

Our company secretary services include maintaining statutory books, preparing and filing annual returns, organizing shareholder meetings, report writing, and managing share transfers on your behalf.

Business Review

A business review is a concise report that outlines your business’s performance and market position. It provides business owners with valuable insights into areas that may require improvement.

The PBATS team is capable of performing a comprehensive assessment of your business. This includes evaluating your financial performance, identifying areas of concern, and recommending ways to enhance them.

Virtual Accounts Department

If you don’t have enough resources to handle your financial affairs internally, we have a solution for you: a Virtual Accounts Department (VAD).

Our VAD (Virtual Accounting Department) service covers bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services. We will provide a dedicated team of professionals to take care of all your financial needs for your business on your behalf.

This solution is cost-effective for businesses that don’t have enough time or expertise to manage their own finances.

Local accountants in Chatham, Kent

If you are looking for an accountant in Chatham, look no further than PBATS. Our team is made up of certified and skilled accountants and bookkeepers. We can provide you with helpful guidance and support for managing your business.

We provide various services such as bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, company secretarial, and business reviews. Moreover, we also have a Virtual Accounts Department (VAD) that caters to clients seeking to outsource their financial matters.

For free consultation and expert advice, contact PBATS today! Our accountants in Chatham are available at all times to answer any queries you may have.