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We are practical bookkeeping, accounting & taxation services (pbats), a team of accountants in Southend, Essex. We support businesses of all sizes as well as self-employed individuals to manage their business finances.

From a simple tax return to an outsourced CFO role, PBATS delivers a high-quality and expert service to businesses that are ready to make the very best of their finances and push their business to the next logical step.

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Our Southend Accounting Services

Statutory/annual accounts

Businesses are required to create both a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement, and it is obligatory to submit these to HMRC and Companies House each year. 

GAAP sets the standards that these financial documents must follow and it’s imperative that all UK businesses adhere to these standards.

Choose PBATS as your Accountant in Southend to ensure you’re on top of these and all other obligatory financial requirements.

Managed payroll services

Outsourcing payroll to a specialised accounting firm such as PBATS can provide numerous advantages. It enables businesses to concentrate on their core operations, diminishes the risk of errors, and guarantees that payroll processes conform to the latest accounting standards and regulations.

Moreover, professional accountants can offer valuable insights into optimising payroll structures, controlling costs, and enhancing overall financial efficiency for businesses in Southend and the neighbouring areas.

Management accounts

Effective business management accounts are crucial for informed decision-making. They provide a detailed overview of a company’s financial performance, highlighting key metrics and trends.

PBATS can assist in creating and maintaining these accounts. Our expert team ensures accuracy in financial reporting, aiding businesses in strategic planning, budgeting, and assessing overall performance.

Bookkeeping services

Accurate bookkeeping involves systematically recording financial transactions, ensuring a clear and organised financial picture. PBATS is an accomplished accounting firm in Southend offering expert assistance in bookkeeping.

If you’re a business in Southend seeking reliable bookkeeping services, get in touch. we provide the expertise needed to navigate financial complexities and maintain a solid foundation for informed decision-making.

Tax advice and planning.

Strategic tax planning is paramount for businesses’ sustainability and growth.

PBATS’ skilled team identifies opportunities for deductions, ensuring compliance while minimising tax liabilities. We provide tailored tax strategies to many Southend businesses, facilitating financial efficiency and peace of mind. Investing in an accountant for expert guidance on optimising your tax planning strategies will pay off ten-fold in the long run.

Self-assessment tax returns

We’ll take a guess that completing and submitting a self-assessment tax return isn’t what you got into business in Southend to do! (Of course the same doesn’t apply to us.)

We’ll collate everything together and ensure your Self-assessment is submitted accurately, on time, and that you’re making the most of any available allowances.

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What else do we do?

PBATS offers a broad range of accounting and bookkeeping services, each complementing one another. Our Southend-based accountancy services empower clients to save costs, enhance operational efficiency, boost revenue, and maintain overall financial control.

Company Secretary

Our company secretary service ensures our clients meet all the necessary legal requirements to operate. Our accountancy firm assists with regulatory information, establish their registered office, draft reports, compile business information, provide business advice to the board of directors, and undertake various other responsibilities to many Southend businesses.

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Business Review

As an accountancy firm in Southend, we provide business review services, offering insights into the operations and performance of businesses. We assist them with advice on enhancing their operations, establishing dominance in their industries, and attaining success.

Virtual Accounts Department

PBATS provides businesses with a virtual account department service, managing tasks such as invoice issuance, payment reconciliations, supplier/staff payment management, and email query management. Though we’re  Southend-based accountants, we can effectively handle your accounting tasks virtually, wherever you are based. Businesses can opt for our virtual accounts department services as a subcontract or white-label service.