Advisory Services

Practical Bookkeeping, Accounting and Taxation Services are not only on hand to support you and your business with all the required accounting & Bookkeeping tasks; our advisory services will enable you to push your business even further.

We combine our expertise and passion for all things accounting with our dedication to a proactive client-centric service. If there’s anything you need to know regarding your business finances, contact us.

Martin Beales - Outsourced Financial Director

As an outsourced financial director for your company, I take the time to understand your financial systems in detail. With this understanding, I update the financial systems if necessary and then plan the growth of the company with directors by forecasting profits and cashflows.

In most cases finance is required to grow a company and communication with a lender is necessary to secure the funding, I assist with this to ensure the appropriate type of funding is obtained at the right cost.

When the funding is obtained it is necessary in most cases to report financial results, usually on a monthly basis, to the funder. This is done after management meetings with directors to discuss results and a profit maximisation strategy.

It is often the case that directors and owners of the company want to extract profits from their companies in the most tax-efficient way and this is part of my services as your financial director, along with always being available personally to discuss financial strategies and concerns.

To see how I can help grow your business in an outsourced financial director role, book a consultation or contact me today.

– Martin

Financial System Review

With our experience of working with many types of businesses we can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in your financial systems.  We are then able to recommend and implement new systems which result in improved efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Business advice and Strategy service

Growth Planning

We help you identify and implement strategies to grow your business. We do this by developing a detailed understanding of your business financially and operationally. From this, we work directly with directors and business owners to formulate a growth strategy.

Company Valuations

We can assist with business valuation and negotiations with potential buyers.

Budgets, Forecasting and Cash Flow service

Forecasting Profits and Cashflow

It’s important for any business to forecast profits and cashflow as both are critical to enable effective financial decision-making. We can prepare a full suite of effective reports for your business.

Payroll Service

Raising Finance

We liaise with lenders, banks, and financial institutions on your behalf to assist in securing funding. We have strong relationships with many institutions and understand their lending criteria and the financial information they often require to make a funding decision.

For growing businesses as well as established businesses it is important to understand current financial performance on a timely basis. We provide bespoke financial reports and analysis to directors and business owners relevant to the particular business needs and areas of importance.

Management Meetings

We analyse and discuss the forecasted profits and cashflow along with the bespoke management reports and are always available to discuss any concerns.

Profit maximisation

Profit Maximisation is crucial to a successful business.  From our financial reporting and our overall understanding of your business, we are able to pinpoint key areas of overspend and assist in identifying opportunities to maximise sales.

Tax Advice

Tax planning
Minimising tax liabilities is key to our clients. We assist with personal tax, business tax, company tax, capital gains tax, R&D claims, patent box claims, amongst others. We take time to understand your financial affairs and ambitions to enable us to properly advise on profit extraction/tax minimisation.

Tax disputes
We can assist with any HMRC enquiry into your personal or business taxation affairs. This can range from appealing tax penalties to making a case for a Tax Tribunal.

What are the benefits of Financial Advisory Services?

Read our case studies to see how we’re helping companies and directors to better their businesses and grow their profits.