We’ve got some big changes coming up at PBS starting today! I sent a very excited e-mail a
few weeks ago to my existing clients but as today is the official launch date I can now
share the news with everyone!

Some of you who’ve asked us for accountancy services in the past will know of Martin from BAT
Services, as he’s been the accountant we have recommended, equally we do some bookkeeping
work for them, a relationship that’s worked well for both of us. Over the past few months
we’ve looked at developing this relationship and as such,

Martin has over 15 years experience as an accountant and we’re both looking forward to being
able to offer a full range of services to our clients. Personally I’ve known Martin my whole
life – he’s my older brother! As such we’ve similar personalities so I’m confident that as
we get on, you’ll get on with Martin too!

The short answer, is nothing – well unless you want it to!

We’re not going to be pressuring anyone to move to us for accounting services, we’re more
than happy to continue to provide the same services as we do now to you, however big or

The extra services we’ll be able to offer from 1st October 2019 are:

We’re more than happy to provide you with a quote for any of those, be it because you’re not
completely happy with your accountant or you just want to compare prices, whatever the
reason we’d be happy to help.

We’re also developing our social media side further and as part of this we would like to
share what our customers are doing, to aid with this we’ve taken on Charlotte in a part time
role, so she may be in touch to make sure we’ve got all the right social media details of
your company so we’re following the right people!

And of course, you’ve already read our recent blog
introducing Susan who we took on back in May, who looks after all of our payroll and assists
with our day to day bookkeeping services.

So lots of changes have already happened and are happening, all for the better we hope! I
still want to keep our personal relationships with you all so don’t worry, you’ll still be
hearing from me and seeing me just as much as you always do, I’ll just have a great support
team working with me! It may even mean a blog entry or two not written by me!

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