We’ve spent the year trying to release a new blog every 4 weeks and it’s fallen on 31st
December for our last one, perfect timing for a summary of our year.

And what a year it has been! I set myself some targets at the beginning of the year and
managed to hit them all by September which I’m really proud of, especially as it meant
they happened before we merged companies. The
merger was of course a big part of the year, as it’s seen both businesses grow from
strength to strength. Another big highlight for me personally were employing Susan back in May, from the business side representing
the growth in the business to need an employee and personally getting the chance to work
with her again!

We moved to our first office back in April which we’ve already outgrown! We’ve now
settled in well in our new office at Kent
Elms Corner
, with enough space to enable us to conduct meetings and training
within our own space.

All of that is going to help us to continue the growth next year but equally important is
that it will help us continue to offer the service level our clients expect and that we
want to deliver, something we never want to slip however much we grow.

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