We’ve had a lot of queries over the last few months regarding pension re-enrolment – usually a simple enough process but we’ve found people are slightly confused as to when to do it!

There’s an example letter here but we’ve got a screenshot here for you showing the two dates:

The first date is shown in the letter as <<Third anniversary>> – this is the date in which you need to make sure you’ve done everything needed by, such as re-enrolling any staff that have opted out. You need to do this even if they tell you they want to opt out again, your duty is to make sure they are automatically enrolled every three years, unfortunately for them if they don’t want to be in the pension they will have to opt out every three years. If you go to the link shown it asks a few questions and will then let you know if there’s anything to do before the date, so try and do this as soon as you can.

The second date is the <<re-declaration deadline>> date, this is when you need to confirm with the pensions regulator that you’ve done everything required.

The really good news is that we can manage of all of this for you; as part of our payroll service we ensure that any employees that need to be automatically enrolled are enrolled, all of your contributions are processed and importantly keeping on top of things like this re-declaration.

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