QuickBooks Recertification

We’ve blogged about the training we provide and the training we’ve undertaken in the past, but recently we popped a message on our socials as we’d been renewing QuickBooks advanced training – but what does this actually mean to you?

QuickBooks is at the heart of most of our clients accounts systems, so it’s important we know how it works and with regular updates and new features, their training offering is the best way to ensure we’re trained to a suitable level and are as knowledgable as you need us to be!

QuickBooks offer 2 standard levels of certification of our skills, core & advanced. We originally did classroom based advanced training 3 years ago, but to help keep up to date with the changes & new features QuickBooks have designed a recertification course to show off the new features and to show we still know our stuff. This helps potential new clients finding us on their website, plus reassures our existing clients that we know about new features that could improve the way they work.

The heart of the training focussed around 6 key areas, the improved mobile app, automating and time saving, the projects feature, improvements to reports, taxes & VAT and tools. I won’t go through each of these in detail here, as I’d just be repeating the training, but with all the improvements is a common theme – improving the product to make it easier for everyone to use, end users of every skill level up to bookkeepers and accountants.

As such, we’re always looking for ways to improve your experience so if we think you’d benefit from using a feature then we’ll let you know, we’ve already implemented using tags for some of our clients to help them sort and categorise them in a way that doesn’t affect the numbers, for example tagging a transaction that’s missing it’s invoice or receipt.

We of course can then turn the training we’ve received into training for you if there’s a number of features you want to learn, as always get in touch to chat to us to see how we can help you.

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