How easy is it to move accountant?

Moving accountants could seem like a really daunting prospect - like moving any service, you wouldn’t want to suffer in the transition from one provider to another, take mobile phones for instance, they’ve now made it super quick and easy to transfer your number from one provider to another with little hassle and little downtime but it still seems daunting when you’ve got that window between providers, as short as it is. And as much as we’d love to say we can work just as quick it’s not the case but we will work to ensure it’s as smooth a process as possible.

So how easy is it? The short answer, easier than you’d think!

For example, let’s say you’re unhappy with your current accountant, you don’t feel you are getting the service you want but are paying them a lot of money, where do you start? Well we’ve already done a blog about how to find a good accountant so we’ll assume (and hope) that you are feeling we could be a good fit!

Get in touch to have a chat about what services you require, no two businesses are ever quite the same so getting a good bespoke quote will ensure you are just paying for what you want. Hopefully you’ll find the quote competitive and find us friendly and approachable, we try and not use too much accountancy jargon (but we’ve got a handy guide here if we do and want to move to us, so what next?

You just need to let you existing accountant know you are leaving and we will then write to them requesting the handover information we need. They will sometimes offer you a better deal to stay (don’t forget at this stage why you wanted to leave, if it was just money then they may tempt you but more often that not we find it’s service). They’ll then pass across all the required information to us and we’ll get you set up with us.

More often than not, accountants are quite good when it comes to handing a client over, they know that there’s nothing to be gained from making things hard! But if there are ever any problems, the important thing to remember here is that we’ll deal with as much of it as possible to allow you to continue running your business.

So if you’re not happy with your current accountants price, service or any aspect of what they do for you, get in touch and see if we can help you get a better service for your money!

Are you ready to improve your accounting experience?