What's the difference between my registered and business addresses?

A quick blog in response to something we were recently asked - What's the difference between my registered address and my business address?

Limited companies (well all companies but we are concentrating on limited ones for this blog) have more than one address, your registered address and your business address.

Now, just to confuse matters, they can be the same place! But you might choose to have your registered address elsewhere, such as with us.

If you’re running your business from home, you might not want to disclose that address to everyone, which will happen if it’s your registered address as they are publicly available as it’s listed on Companies House. You are also legally required to include it on your website, letters and invoices (see here). Your business address is the one (or more depending on your size) where you actually run your business and you can generally choose who you give it too. You’ll need both for things like your VAT registration but this won’t make it publicly available.

You can choose to have your registered address elsewhere, one option a lot of companies choose is their accountant. Choosing to have your registered office with us means that we can receive all the HMRC correspondence without you needing to worry about sending it to us. We’ll also put all the junk mail in the bin for you! It’s easy to set up too, so not only will it help you keep your home address hidden if you work from home but we can remove some of the time consuming admin of dealing with that official (and junk!) post. Tie this onto the rest of company secretarial services (See our offering here) and we can help you concentrate on running your business rather than all this admin!

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