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The government are updating the penalties for used for VAT and Income Tax Self Assessment with the aim to make it fairer and more consistent.

Moving accountants could seem like a really daunting prospect - however it's easier than you think!

Payments on Account

Seen the term payment on account and wondered what it means? Had a notification you’ve got to pay a payment on account but aren’t actually that sure what it means? Find out what they actually are!

We often speak to people after they’ve set up a limited company and are needing help with fulfilling all the requirements of having one, often costing them money they were not aware they would need to spend - now we’re not saying you shouldn’t have a limited company, it’s just important to know all the facts...

From 2003 until 2010 I was self employed and like so many in that situation, I did everything myself, bookkeeping and tax returns included. I never got a quote for my tax return to be done for me, mainly as I assumed it was a lot of money and I’d managed to do it so far without problems but also as I never felt my books were good enough...

April signifies the start of the new year (financial year obviously!), although we doubt this is news to any of you! And what better way to start a new year than to tidy up last year...

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