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Moving accountants could seem like a really daunting prospect - however it's easier than you think!

A quick blog in response to something we were recently asked - What's the difference between my registered address and my business address?

We hate to talk about it so far from the day itself but we also like to be super organised and these things need planning! We don’t want to speak too soon but it’s looking like Christmas Parties could make a return this year - let’s assume for the purposes of this blog that things remain so we can celebrate this year, so the big question we’re covering here is "Is my Christmas Party tax deductible?"

Definitions pt 2

We’ve had a request for a follow up to a previous blog of accounting definitions, this time requesting some more basic terms to help people who don’t work in a finance role but need to understand the terms, such as when needing to order from suppliers, etc.

For the millions of employed people in the UK (31.2 million in the three months to April 2021), their tax code is an important piece of information - defining how much you are allowed to earn without paying tax for the year, so it’s important that it’s right, but how do you tell? If it’s wrong you could end up overpaying tax or worst still underpaying and having an unexpected tax bill later on.

Pension Re-enrolment

We’ve had a lot of queries over the last few months regarding pension re-enrolment – usually a simple enough process but we’ve found people are slightly confused as to when to do it!

What are management accounts?

We prefer to call them a business review, which is a better description of what they are – they’re not compulsory but this is a benefit as it allows them to be completely customised to your business to give you the insights you want about your business...


My (not so) little boy has recently got into watching Mythbusters on TV and it got me thinking about some accounting and bookkeeping myths that I thought I’d tackle...

Over the last few months we’ve had a few changes within the team at PBATS, here’s a quick round up of all the changes...

Everyone can have cash flow problems and these can cause a lot of worry for you, distracting you from running your business, so it’s important to ensure you get a plan in place to ease the worry...

Is my HMRC email a fake?

With the ever busy January behind us, we wanted to quickly address something a lot of people suffer from, receiving a fake HMRC email...

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