CASE STUDY: The value of using an Accountant for your Tax Return

Whilst it is tempting to try and save money by completing your own tax return, there are real quantifiable benefits in instructing a professional accountant in the know.

This case study is an example of the cash saved by a client after instructing Practical Bookkeeping, Accounting & Taxation Services (PBATS), in Southend, to complete her tax return…

"The client had omitted pension contributions, which would have saved her considerable tax."

We prepared and submitted the 20/21 and 21/22 tax returns for our client as they had a mix of employment and self-employment income.

During the year 22/23 the client only had employment income. Becuase of this, they decided they would “have a go” at preparing the return herself. However, she asked PBATS to check it over before submitting it.

Our checks found:

a) The client had omitted pension contributions on her self-assessment, which would have saved her considerable tax.

b) The client had also not realised that her tax liability for 22/23 could be collected via her tax code via employment during the 24/25 tax year, easing her cashflow.

We revised the client’s tax return and made the resubmission to HMRC.

The client made significant tax savings and her personal cash flow improved considerably.

Cash saved by the client when using an accountant for her tax return:
Table: The value of using an Accountant for your Tax Return

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