Expert Advice

Expert Advice

,,noun - advice given by someone who has studied a subject thoroughly or who is very skilled at a particular job. ,,

Business Valuations

There's a number of reasons you may need an accurate value of a business, you may be obtaining finance, selling the business or even wanting an independent valuation of a business you are looking to purchase. Whatever the reason, we can help you obtain an accurate and fair valuation of any business.

Tax Advice

There's so many different types of tax - Personal tax, company tax and capital gains tax to name a few - the good news is we can help you with all of those. We've the expertise to consider all of your circumstances and ensure that you are paying as little tax as possible within the law. With our expertise we consider all of your circumstances to ensure you pay as little tax as legally possible. Once you've done a great job of making money with your business, you will probably want to get your money out in the most tax efficient way possible. And now, following the COVID-19 pandemic, you'll want to ensure you're balancing being tax efficient with trying to keep yourself eligible for potential help based on your profits in the future. We can help advise on the best way to get you the most from your money.

Budgets, Forecasting and Cash Flows

As your business grows you will need to ensure you're keeping on top of your finances more - by utilising budgets, forecasting and cash flows as financial tools you'll be able to predict future incomes with our expert analysis on how your business has performed and where you are heading.

Account Analysis

We'll help you drill down into your accounts to really help you get insightful information out, letting you utilise this information to plan how to progress with your business.

Business Advice & Strategy

Using all the tools at our disposal, we'll be able to help advise you on how to progress and produce a business strategy for moving forwards, helping to match your business aspirations to your financial performance to create achievable goals.

Company Formations

So you've decided to start a limited company - how can PBATS help?

You may have already registered a company name and now need help getting everything else in order to start trading? Or have you just had an idea and want help checking through your figures before you take the plunge? Whatever stage you are at, we can help.

Whatever stage you are at, we’re here to help. A quick google will show you many companies that will help you register your company name but there’s a lot more than that to consider. You’ll have no doubt already identified a need for your business and who your potential customers are, and you’ve probably already got a name in mind, but do you know all the legal requirements of running your limited company? The statutory returns that you need to complete, where your registered address is going to be and your responsibilities if you’re planning on having employees to name a few, the list is probably longer that you imagine! That’s why we’re here to support you, giving you the guidance you need to get yourself started, helping wherever you need us to.

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