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Practical Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Taxation Services go beyond assisting you and your business with essential accounting and bookkeeping tasks; our advisory services empower you to propel your Southend business to greater heights.

We merge our expertise and enthusiasm for all aspects of accounting with our commitment to delivering a proactive, client-centric service.

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Our top business advisory service: Outsourced CFO

As an outsourced CFO for your company, I invest time in comprehensively understanding your financial systems. Once acquainted, I update these systems if necessary and collaborate with directors to strategise the company’s growth by forecasting profits and cashflows.

In the pursuit of company growth, securing funding often becomes imperative, requiring effective communication with lenders. I play a pivotal role in facilitating this process, ensuring the acquisition of the right type of funding at an optimal cost.

– Martin

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Financial Reporting

Upon securing funding, regular reporting of financial results—typically on a monthly basis—is essential for most business. This involves post-management meetings with directors to analyse results and formulate a profit maximisation strategy.

Accounting advisory service

Tax-saving advice

Navigating the landscape of tax-efficient profit extraction is a key facet of my services as your outsourced CFO. I am always available for personal consultations to discuss financial strategies and address any concerns you may have.

Outsourced advisory service

If you’re interested in exploring how I can contribute to the growth of your business in the capacity of an outsourced CFO, feel free to book a consultation or reach out to me today.

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Our accounting services are available for businesses all throughout Essex. These areas include but are not limited to Basildon, Southend and Rayleigh.